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The 16th Annual Milwaukee River Challenge splashed into town on Saturday, September 17, 2016 with racing along the Menomonee and Milwaukee Rivers with more than 900 participants. The 3-mile Challenge started at 25th and Canal Streets on the Menomonee River and proceeded east to the junction with the Milwaukee River, where crews navigated a 90 degree angle turn as they headed north toward the finish line at Schlitz Park, just below Pleasant Street. Spectators enjoyed the race from more than a dozen bridges that dotted the course and offered spectators intimate views of the racing and blade work.
On a beautiful day, the University of Wisconsin women's team dominated their open class races by finishing 1st and second in the 8's and 1st in the 4's. Lincoln Park Boat Club won both the men's 4's and 8s.
The United States men's and women's national teams also participating in the event.
Complete results can be viewed here.
For more information on the Milwaukee River Challenge, contact Alyssa Remington, Race Director,  608.658.6175
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